Our students’ stories

Learn more about HighView from the people who know it best: our students.

HighView graduates that complete high school on time
HighView graduates accepted into 4-year colleges and universities
HighView graduates that earn substantial college scholarships
Building Futures Through Opportunity

“It’s been a phenomenal experience. The mentors offered at HighView are incredible. Not only have they helped me through college applications and career options, but they’ve been super supportive and always open to talk, to check in and see how I’m doing. HighView also provides experiences that will help you develop into not only a college student but an adult.”

– Jasmin S.

“Since I joined HighView, I’ve been more open and confident speaking in public.”

– Perla A.

“The career presentation got me interested in Machine Learning and AI. It was never something that had crossed my mind before, but I’m excited to look into this career.”

– Diana A.

“This is the best program I’ve ever joined. I love that HighView is genuinely fun and authentic; these people truly care about you and want to see you grow.”

– Jamila S.

“It’s very fun to attend these partner companies and meet new people and learn from them. Plus, building out these networks that may help you in the future is super important.”

– Karime C.

“At HighView, I had resources that I wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere. They were always making sure that you have what you need. They’re really there for you and want YOU to succeed. No matter what you need or what you’re struggling with, you’ll always have someone who can help you out and make sure you overcome that barrier.”

– Iliana D.