Social initiatives with real impact

Building a truly diverse talent pipeline won’t happen overnight. Enhance your DE&I strategy and employee volunteerism initiatives with a partnership that fosters the next generation of talent while leveling the playing field for high-achieving students from underserved backgrounds in your community.

Why join HighView as a Partner Company?

Corporate social responsibility shouldn’t just be a once yearly event. Ongoing investment into your community pays dividends in both employee satisfaction and engagement, as well as in building a more diverse long-term talent pipeline. Do your part to address systemic inequities and ensure that talented youth from underrepresented backgrounds can succeed in meaningful careers and achieve financial prosperity.

This is NOT an internship or apprenticeship program. HighView provides a fully-managed, biweekly after school program that changes high schoolers’ life trajectory with minimal effort on the part of our partner companies. No need to design a curriculum, come up with projects or monitor student progress.

Become a Partner
Give back in a tangible, continuous way
Don’t just send your employees to volunteer offsite once a year. Build real, long-term relationships with the brightest students in your community and gain rewarding visibility into the impact of your efforts.
Attract, engage, and retain employees
Millennials don’t just want jobs—they want to be part of a greater social purpose. HighView offers a way for employees to give back to their local community through their existing workplace, which increases engagement and creates a happier team.
Promote diversity in your industry
The best way to truly improve diversity is by building a diverse talent pipeline. Give students from underrepresented backgrounds early and sustained exposure to careers in your field and inspire them to apply after college.
Help shrink the achievement gap
A college degree is imperative for students of color and students from low-income communities to get ahead. Empower motivated kids with the guidance they need to get into a great university and teach them the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

Excel while doing good

Companies in the top quartile for racial & ethnic workforce diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above respective national industry medians
Employees who volunteer through their company report being happy with their employer, creating greater employee engagement that can generate up to 2.5x more revenue
Millennials that say that CSR directly influences whether they would work at an organization, with 87% of employees less likely to resign than employees who feel disengaged
*Sources: McKinsey, MGSM, eSolidar
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How it works

  1. Join HighView as a Partner company
  2. Recruit employee mentor volunteers
  3. Select 1-2 career presenters to showcase life at your company
  4. Host students every other week after school as they complete homework and work with their mentors
  5. HighView handles the rest!

“Corporate Social Responsibility” is just a buzzword.

Let’s create some real change.

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