Bridging the gap between student potential and long-term success

Higher education alone is not enough. HighView provides the exposure, resources, and connections needed to remove barriers to student success, leveling the playing field and democratizing access to promising careers.

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Our Mission

While talent and academic potential are equally distributed, systemic and institutional barriers prevent many students from low income and first generation backgrounds from accessing promising career opportunities and succeeding at the level of their peers. This hurts not only student prospects, but also disrupts progress towards real workforce diversity that will help companies and their employees thrive.

Enter HighView, the world’s first Student Accelerator Program. We connect high-achieving students from underserved communities with the most exciting companies in their local areas to give them a higher view into their potential future. In partnership with HighView, our partner companies support students with the tools they need to succeed academically, from a quiet place to study in a beautiful setting to one-on-one mentorship focused on college prep.

In addition to delivering presentations on a variety of sought-after careers, our partners provide students with sustained, real-world exposure in a professional office environment, where they can learn important soft skills, build social capital and make valuable connections. Together with our Partner companies, we’re democratizing access to high growth careers and helping to create the next generation of exceptional thinkers and creators.

Challenges we help overcome

High school graduation rate of students who spend half of their childhood in poverty compared to the national average of 89%.
Increase in the achievement gap between students from lower income families and those from higher income families in the last 30 years.
Students who experience childhood poverty are 3-5x less likely to graduate high school and experience postsecondary success than their affluent peers.
*Sources: McKinsey & Company, Pew Research, NAEP, A+ Colorado
Building Futures Through Opportunity

“Long-term success for these students is contingent upon learning skills for navigating the professional world and connections to professionals in high-growth industries that they may not have received through their existing networks. This is why I created HighView in partnership with some of the most forward-thinking companies who are stepping up to make a change. I am truly inspired by each of these companies’ commitments to their communities and to ensuring equity in the tech industry.”

– Nicole Sherman, Founder HighView

Student Success Outcomes

HighView graduates that complete high school on time
HighView graduates accepted into 4-year colleges and universities
HighView graduates that earn substantial college scholarships